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As buyer’s agents, we represent you and your interests throughout the home buying process. We provide access to all available properties, conduct due diligence, and negotiate the best terms and prices for a seamless transition into your next property. People may use a buyers agent in order to access more property, assist with the research and due diligence, or negotiate with a real estate agent who is a trained and seasoned professional, they might be buying from interstate or overseas, time poor or not confident in dealing with real estate agents.

Our property market expertise and skilled negotiation techniques consistently deliver significant savings for our clients, usually surpassing our own fees. On average, our clients secure purchases at 13% below their initial budget, which is a tangible and quantifiable saving.

In Australia, buyers’ agent’s fees can be tax deductible in certain circumstances. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows the deduction of buyers’ agent fees if the property being purchased is for investment purposes. The fees can be claimed as a tax deduction under the category of “costs of purchasing a rental property”. However, it’s important to note that buyers’ agent fees are not tax deductible if the property is being purchased for personal use, such as a primary residence. It is advisable to consult with your accountant to determine if the fee is tax deductible in your specific situation.

Our streamlined process ensures swift timelines, with an average engagement-to-exchange period of 14 days for investment properties and 36 days for primary residences, surpassing the 7-month average for independent buyer purchases. We begin with a comprehensive overview of our services, establish your unique requirements, and initiate the search process once you’re ready. Our team curates a selection of properties, including off-market opportunities, expanding your choices by up to 50%. The final decision rests with you, we simply provide expertise and guidance to make an informed choice.

We cater to overseas buyers and expats, utilising platforms like WhatsApp for communication. We have extensive experience purchasing property for clients who are not physically located in the market they are purchasing in.

There is no limit to the number of properties we will present to you. We will keep searching until we find the right one, however many options that take and however long that takes.

Yes, Pivot Property are proud members of the following:

  • REINSW Member
  • PIPA Property Investment Professionals of Australia 
  • Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia (REBAA)
  • Buyer’s Agent Institute
  • NREA – National Real Estate Association

We have professional indemnity insurance of $3,000,000.